In-game currencies

There are several currencies in the game:

heap_of_gold_small_100.pngGolden Coins

The main currency in the game

coin_resize_128.png Native Coins
They can be obtained by completing Deliveries, please check this link to learn more.

social_money_128.pngFriendship Coins

It is just another way to say "Hi" to your friends. You can send and receive these coins by claiming the daily gifts from your Neighbors.

res_event_fraction_coins.pngLuck Coins
Since the May 2017 event, you can earn the Good Deed Points to exchange them into Luck Сoins during the seasonal event.

 dub_100.png Doubloons

Doubloons are being granted as you progress through the archipelago islands. You can also find those coins in the chests during your journey:


stamp_box-2.png Stamps
Stamps can be found in the chests during your adventures through the special events:


All of those coins can be used for purchasing various decorations for your island. Open your Shop and choose the corresponding tab:



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