"Survival Handbook" or where do I start from?

Hello and welcome to the Island Experiment! In this Survival Handbook, you will find hints and tips about making your stay on the mysterious island safe and full of amazing discoveries!

res_food.png Food

First of all, you will need food. Food can be grown on the vegetable patches. Send someone of your workers to the vegetable patch and click the bag icon above it once the production is done:


res_money.png Golden Coins
Growing a certain amount of food costs a certain amount of the golden coins. In the very beginning of the game, coins can be obtained from the structures, from the houses mostly. Click the bag icon above the house in order to collect a reward. Please note that this icon appears when at least 30% of the production is ready. The fully completed production's icon will be "jumping" and will appear only at 100% of production.


- Quests
To move further into the mysteries of the island you will need to progress through the storyline. The quest panel can be found on the left side of the game screen, while quest objects are marked with the blue arrow:


- Wild Animals
Sometimes during your researches on the island, you can meet a wild animal. While it is up the nearby territory turns red and become inaccessible. Don't worry, just drive the critter away by clicking on it.


- Building and upgrading
The longer you explore the island, the more territory you have and the more various structures you can build. All of them can be found in the in-game shop:

You can also upgrade your current structures to receive more resources, Food or Golden Coins.

Please also check:
Pet collections

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