Do you know that your friends and neighbors can send you various resources you can use in your journeys through the Mysterious Island?

All you need to do is add needed resources to the Wishlist! To do that, add the required resources to your Wishlist by clicking on the green plus button in the corner of the icon:


Please note that there could be maximum of 4 items in your Wishlist at the moment.

If you already have needed amount of certain resource, but you still want to ask for it, you need to click the resource's icon and then you will be able to add it to the Wishlist:




There is no need to click the Ask Friends button, as it will send the request only to your friends who don't play the game yet. Also please note that you can do this only while playing on the Facebook.
Please note, that gifts can be stored in the gift box for 7 days maximum and there cannot be more than 100 of them!


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