Community Gifts

Everyone loves gifts! Great news here - you can join our official group and receive useful gifts on a daily basis! All you need to do is join the Island Experiment community > HERE <

There you will find posts like this one:


Just click on the link and enjoy your gifts!

Please note that gift will be available for 24 hours since the post was published.

This option is available only when you are playing in the browser from your PC.

Mobile users can collect these Gifts from the Newsfeed on their devices in the game.

You need to open your Newsfeed and click on "Free Gifts" then like the App page:

Then go to the "Free Gifts" button (it becomes active) and enter the gift code:

Gift codes can be found in posts with free resources in our Official Page on Facebook:

After entering the code and pressing the button "OK", you need to collect Coins from any of your buildings for the code to register in the game.

Please note that you can receive one present for one post. You cannot use both the code on your PC and on your mobile device from the same post on Facebook.

 For those of you who are not so much fond of reading instructions, here is a video :)


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