The Golden Dragon


Once upon a time, the islanders thought of honoring one of the most beautiful and wise creatures in the world - the Dragon. They decided to create a monument worthy of its might and glory using a pure gold and the help of the best craftsman that ever lived. They say that the statue changed the very look of the island and the island became truly fascinating.

These islanders passed the secret of building the statue to you. Open your Shop in the right corner below, choose the second tab, and scroll till you see the Golden Dragon statue. 


It'll require 5 Gold Bars that you can produce in the Autoclave:


You can also upgrade the Golden Dragon to increase your Island's beauty! More so, one well-known group of scientists found out that this statue has a good influence on your spiritual life, granting you wisdom in the Experience points.

Taming some of the Pets like Fox and Fluffy also requires a certain level of the Golden Dragon: 


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