Decorative Island

If you don't have free space on your main Island or you want to create your very own place beyond the main Island, or maybe you simply don't like some decorations you can use your second island - The Decorative Island.

Here's a simple guide how to reach Decorative Island in the game:


Expand your Decorative Island!

You can gain more territory for your Decorative Island by purchasing it in your Shop for Luck Coins. Table with a Map allows expanding your Decorative Island. Please note that there are several Table with a Map in Shop:


To move some decorations to the Decorative Island, you will need to place them in the Inventory first. You need to enable "Move Objects" mode and click on the chest icon that will appear in the right corner below:


You'll see the following icon above the items that can you can put into the Inventory and move to the Decorative or main Island:


Click the following icon and the item will be moved to the Inventory:


Now we are good to go! Click on the yacht to travel to the Decorative Island:


There open the Inventory and place the object or item:


You can also choose which island will be shown to your Neighbors. Click "Select Island" button:


Select the Island and click on "Accept" button:

Please note that only decorative items can be moved to the Decorative Island. Unfortunately, there is no way to place there buildings and production factories like Sawmill or Smeltery for example.



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