Converter (resources exchange)

Sometimes during the Archipelago or Event Adventures, we face the unpleasant situation - lack of unblockers.


Fortunately, we have an alternative way to solve this problem rather than wait for another 8 hours gift. In the main island of the archipelago (starting with Park Area archipelago) or the special event, you can find the converter. Now we are going to tell you how to use this object in the example of the "Fairy Kingdom" event.

As we remember - we faced the Fairy in a bottle that we unable to free due to the lack of unblockers. What do we do? Go to the main island center to the structure with a pretty fairy near it:


To use the Converter just click on it:


Now we can exchange unnecessary unblockers to the random resource pack. Please note, that 1 set of unblockers contains 8 random unblockers. So you need 11 unblockers to get 8 random units, 21 for 16 and, finally, 30 units of unnecessary unblockers to get 24 random units: 


 Select the unnecessary unblockers by clicking green plus:


 Pressing "Exchange" and getting the unblockers sets:


Obtain unblockers from packs and continue your journey:


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