Good Deed Points

During your journey through the special event islands being a part of any faction, you will receive the Good Deed Points. Those points will be granted to you for clearing the common obstacles:


Unhexing the special obstacles:


And completing quests on the islands of the archipelago:


The current amount of the Good Deed Points you have earned during the day is displayed in the Faction progress bar:


By clicking on the icon you will open a window with the information about how much point your faction has earned today:


Please note that you need to re-enter the game in order to update the counter info!

Also, you can check your current amount of the Good Deed points on the main island:


At the end of each day (00:00 UTC+3) you will receive Points earned that day:


Then you will be able to exchange them for the Luck Coins in the Karma Machine on the main island of the special event archipelago:


You will also receive a copy of the Karma Machine for placing it on your main island! Now you are able to purchase the awesome rewards in the new section of the Game Shop:8.png

Please check also information about Exchange of the Good Deed Points.

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