Exchange of the Good Deed Points

All Good Deed Points you have earned are automatically put in the Karma Machine at the end of the day. Their exchange value depends on the place your Faction takes at the daily top.

For example, if your faction has finished the day in the first place you will be able to exchange your Good Deed Points in the Karma Machine with the x2 bonus! It will be displayed right there in the Machine window. 400 Good Deed Points can be exchanged for the 1 Coin of Luck:


If your own rank in the top is high enough, you will receive the extra Good Deed Points at the end of the day:

Place Bonus
1-5 x2
6-20 x1.6
21-50 x1.4
51-200 x1.2
201-500 x1.1


Please note:

  • you can see the exchange rank in the Karma Machine only!
  • you need to earn at least 1 Good Deed Point in order to be able to use the x2 exchange bonus if your faction has won the day
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