Gemstones and rewards

Gemstones can be earned during your journey through Treasure Cave. You will find them in treasure chests:


There are 3 types of gemstones - purple, red and green. You can check how many gemstones and Spheres you have in the top right corner of the game screen in the Treasure Cave:


Also, you can see a number of gems you already have in main festival window:


You will need gemstones for opening colored bags:


In the bags, you will find Golden Statues for Leprechauns and key fragments:


You will need Key Fragments for crafting keys required for earning daily rewards:



After you will have enough keys, you will be able to claim the prize:


After you will earn the first unique prize, you will be able to earn an upgrade for it along with the puzzle piece for a new pet:


Please note that you will have 24 hours for collecting enough key fragments and earning the reward. If the timer expires before the reward will be collected, key fragments will be converted to the gemstones. Collected keys will not be converted to gemstones if the timer expires but will stay with you until the end of Delivery Festival.

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