Golden Statues

All Leprechauns are deeply fond of gold so here's the trick how to pass by them - collect the Golden Statues and give them to Leprechauns as a gift! This way you'll win Leprechauns' favor and they'll let you pass and explore the Treasure Cave further.



Here are the ways to gain the Golden Statues:

Delivery Chests  Colored bags Chests in the cave
Complete the Deliveries and open the chests



Use Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires to obtain the bags

Open chests in the Cave 

19.png 18.png 16.png17.png


Once you collect required statues give them to a Leprechaun to get on his good side. He'll definitely let you pass and explore the Cave further after that - everybody loves gifts, especially Leprechauns!


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