Delivery Festival


The Delivery Festival allows the Islanders to get lots of decorations and unique rewards! Collect Key fragments to restore the Keys and unlock the rewards. You can get Key fragments from:

Festival Chests  Colored bags Treasure Cave
Complete the Deliveries and open the chests



Use Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires to obtain the bags

Open chests in the Cave 

Don't forget that at the end of the game day unused Key fragments are exchanged for Gemstones and the old reward disappears while the new one is introduced. So hurry up to collect Keys!

At least 1 life is required to enter the Treasure Cave. You can get it from Pillar of Life that can be found in the cave, in the Festival chests, and it is restored by 1 per every 2.5 hours in the Festival window or you could restore it with Gems.

While exploring the Treasure Cave you'll need the Golden Statues – they’ll help to win Leprechauns’ favor and they will let you pass and explore the cave further. Here are the ways to gain the Golden Statues:

Festival Chests  Colored bags Chests in the cave
19.png 18.png 16.png17.png

Gemstones and Key fragments can be found in Magic Spheres. To get them you need to open the Spheres at an Altar. Note: you can use each Altar only once. The Treasure Cave is so big as if endless! Find the Portals to explore new levels. To enter the Portal you'll need a special Portal Stone


Good luck in the Delivery Festival!
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