Gem Cave


There are many caves in this world but this one is the most interesting and precious to the Islanders! Gem Cave allows the adventurers to see for themselves the famous Gem geysers and even gain some Gems from them. 

- Wow! How do I get there? 

The Gem Cave can be opened using a special Gem Cave Entrance Stone. Complete Daily Tasks and you'll have the opportunity to receive it! Once you have at least 1 Gem Cave Entrance Stone you can use Daily Tasks' window to descend into the Cave or click on the Cave itself on your Home Island or on the main island of the event. 


 - So do I always get Gem Cave Entrance Stone? 

Sadly, no. That's an item too rare to be gained so easily. It depends only on luck whether you receive it or not. 

- How do I earn Gems?

That's the most pleasant part. You don't even need to earn them! Just collect them from the Gem geysers. But it's hard to stay for long inside the Gem Cave so you'd better do it fast! Click on the geyser to claim Gems. Note that each geyser can be used only once.

diamond_geyser_closed_1x1.png arrow_100.png  diamond_geyser_opened_1x1.png

- So, can I stay there forever?

Oh no, what about your island and your animals? They'll surely miss you! The time that you can spend in the Gem Cave is limited. You'll see the corresponding timer above. NB: Please note that once the times is started, there is no option to pause, delay or change it in any way. Make sure that your internet connection is fine and stable before descending into the cave. 


- I've got a lot of Gems!...So how many exactly?

While exploring the cave and collecting Gems, you'll be able to check the number of gathered Gems using the icon to your right - you'll see the amount there. When the time's up you'll also see the pop-up counting all the Gems you found. All that's left is to claim them!


- Wait, my bonuses are not working in the Cave!

Yes, this is a magical Cave with its' own rules. You'll need to explore it without the bonuses.



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