Daily Tasks

They say what goes around comes around and this is especially true when you accomplish Good Deeds during the special events! The Daily Tasks provide a set of tasks that you can complete in order to gain useful rewards & special bonus to Good Deed Points' exchange rate

- Where to look for Daily Tasks? 

You'll see the Daily Tasks icon on your screen to the right on your Home island and on the main island of the event. Also, there are Daily Tasks' chests on your screen below on your Home island:


- What are these Daily Tasks?

The Daily Tasks are sets of the tasks that appear during a special event. You can complete them to gain various precious rewards. Completing all of the Daily Tasks per day grants you the special Good Deed Points' exchange rate bonus - 10%



- What do I need to do? 

 Check what tasks are there for you to fulfill in the Daily Tasks window and look for the ways to complete them on the event's islands! If you don't like the task, you can change it by clicking on the red cross button at the corner of the task - but only once per day!



- I completed one task. What's next?

Yay, congratulations! One down, two more to go. You'll see them in the same Daily Tasks' window. You need to complete 3 tasks in total to get the special final reward.



- How to make sure I completed all the tasks? 

You'll see a corresponding chest icon when you complete each task. The chests on your Home Island will be opened accordingly as well. For every one of them you'll receive the rewards and for all of them - the special Good Deed Points' exchange rate bonus!

 Daily__Tasks_5.pngDaily__Tasks_8.pngDaily__Tasks_12.png Chests_2.png


- Where can I see my bonus? 

 the Karma Machine - you'll see the icon of your personal bonus above the arrow:



- Why complete the tasks every day?

To earn + 10% bonus daily! All the bonuses sum up so you can gain an unbelievable increase in your Good Deed Points exchange rate. Note though that if you had special Good Deed Points' exchange rate bonus and didn't complete the tasks the next day, it'll drop to 0 and you'll need to start over.

- So, can I gain more than 10% in total during the special event? 

Sure you can! 

- How much time do I have? 

You need to complete the Daily Tasks within 24 hours to gain the Good Deed Points' exchange rate bonus. There is a corresponding timer on the Daily Tasks' icons and in the Daily Tasks' window - complete the tasks before the time's up. Every day you'll receive a new set of Daily Tasks. 



- What if I didn't complete them in time?

Every day you'll receive a new set of Daily Tasks so you can try again! Note though that if you had special Good Deed Points' exchange rate bonus before that and didn't complete the tasks, it'll drop to 0 and you'll need to start over.

- Can I complete all the Daily Tasks more than once per day?

That's the spirit! But don't forget to rest at least a bit. The Daily Tasks are available once per 24 hours so you'll receive a new set of the Daily Tasks when the time comes. 

- I received Gem Cave Entrance Stone. What's that for? 

A good question! Let me tell you about it here: Gem Cave


Please note that the personal multiplier lasts with an active Event only and disappears as soon as the timer for the Event expires. 

It means that after the end of the Event, your personal multiplier erases completely.


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