Cannot transfer my game to another device!

If you have a new device or just want to continue the game on another device, please, make sure, that your game is connected to your Facebook profile. You need to upload the progress to Facebook on the first device and then download it on the second one.

Use the similar instruction below:

  • On the first device. Tap the Facebook button to the left and connect your game to Facebook by selecting the SAVE THIS ISLAND option;
  • On your second device. Tap the Facebook button in your game and select the LOAD FROM FB option; 12.png
  • After that, the game will download your progress and you'll continue from where you've left.

If you cannot connect to Facebook.

Please, check system and Facebook app settings on your device. Probably, something is blocking Island Experiment connection to Facebook. Note, that you need to allow the game an access to your Facebook profile when it will ask for it.

If you've granted an access to your Facebook profile and every other setting seems to be fine, please try to temporary uninstall the Facebook app from your device, log off Facebook in your device's browser and then try to connect to Facebook once again.

In case you will still have issues with connecting your game to your Facebook account after following the instructions above, please, contact us.

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