Is it possible to re-visit an Archipelago?



  • 38475701

    Wish there was a way to pause the current archipelago and go back to an earlier one that wasn't completed.  It is my understanding that you have to go through all of them before you can go back and complete an earlier one.  

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  • Edgar


    My name is Edgar, nice to meet you. 

    Unfortunately, currently there is no way on how to pause an Archipelago manually, it can be paused by the game only if the new event started.

    Yes, you can restart any Archipelago you want only when you will finish all the available Archipelagos. 

    I've understood your point of view and send it to the dev team for further consideration. I think that your opinion will be very useful during the future development of the game. 

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  • debbie chikousky

    If you replay do you start where  you left off?

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  • Aiza


    I'm Aiza, nice to meet you!

    When you restart an Archipelago, you start over from the very beginning of it.

    Do not worry though! All the rewards that you already received will remain on your Island, even if you won't play the restarted Archipelago at all ;)

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  • 35849034

    Can you tell me, is it possible to visit a completed Island. NOT archipelago! E.G can I leave all gold chests until I have reached the last island and the go back and collect them from the first few islands once I know I have enough food?

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