What are the achievements?

The most common actions that you do in the game have their own statistic that will not only count but also give you some gems!

Just find the button with the yellow cup placed on the bottom bar with icons. Here you will find Achievements - special goals in the game by completing which you will receive rewards.

You progression towards the achievements will be shown in the opened window:


Reaching each star of any of these achievements will provide you with rewards. A reward is indicated near each goal.

By the way, achievements can provide you with not only rewards but also help you with getting Bear Cub from Forest Collection! The main condition of adopting the Bear Cub is to get the 5th level of Farmer achievement.


Helpful tip:

When you update structures, they will drop out of the counter of Builder achievement but please, do not worry. As soon as the updating will be finished, the counter will see this structure again. 

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