In order to pass through the Islands of Special Event, it is necessary to have Provision - Danishes.

Initially, there are 60 units of Provision available.


Provision can be refilled by going into the Island and finding Trays of Cheese Danishes.


There is no need for searching for trays manually. Instead, a table can be used - Table with Cheese Danishes.

When an exclamation mark icon appears above the table, it means that a tray with Provision has appeared on the island!

Just click on the table and the game will show you where to find it.


Also, you don't need to return to the table every time. There is a special button in the right bottom of the screen. Just press on it to see where trays are!


Do not worry if the tray shown by the table is inaccessible. As you will be exploring the Island, the fog will go away and the spot will become available.

The provision appears every 10 minutes in different places. [In total, up to 6 trays at a time can be found on the Island.]

In the meantime, missing Provision can be purchased for Gems. Click the Provision icon in the upper right corner of the screen.


A new window will appear, showing the number of Danishes available for purchase.

Pay attention: the amount of Provision purchased will not extend the maximum in total.
E.g., on the picture below you can see that only 35 sandwiches will be exchanged.


Also, there's a workaround!

On the Main Island of the Event, you will find a bearded man - Mayor. He can exchange found pieces of book pages to Danishes, just ask him for that :)



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