Unblockers (Special Events)

The new way of removing obstacles was introduced to the Special Events. For example, the tasks for one of the recent Events were to unfreeze birds. You could do that by bringing them Drops of Happiness:

Previously these resources were spread throughout the Islands of the Special Event or obtained directly at the blocked spot. Now you can create unblockers yourself. To make them you need recipes, which you can receive by removing obstacles:


These recipes will be used at the Fountain to create random Drops:



The converter to exchange unnecessary Drops is also available, but it takes a small commission. The exchange rate is the following: 11 unlockers will give you a new set of 8 random ones, 21 will be exchanged for 16, 30 for 24. Also, there’s a free refill once per 8 hours:


You can also receive the needed resources as gifts from our Official Page on Facebook.

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