Newsfeed and community gifts for PC players

The Newsfeed is a digest where you can read the latest game news, watch videos about the new game mechanics or teasers about new features, look at articles in fun tab (puzzles, stories, discussions) and find the contact details of community managers or support team.

The newsfeed button can be found at the bottom bar with icons.

There are 4 tabs in the Newsfeed: News, Video, Fun, and Contacts.

In each tab, you will find information regarding the topic of the tab.

Also, in the left upper corner can be found "Free gifts" button.

You can claim free gifts from Community in the newsfeed. Community gifts are the chests with random reward. The chests can give you various useful resources. These resources depend on how far you've explored the storyline on the main island, so the gifts will be relevant for all players.

Click on the gift box button with the sign "Free gifts" and the window with the following message will be shown up. Click on "Get a gift" button. The game will automatically redirect to the latest post with a free gift on the Island Experiment official page on Facebook in a new tab. 

Let's see how posts with gifts are looking. For example:

In the post, we need to find the short url - click on it and some magic will be starting to perform. 

The link will redirect you to the game back (in a new tab), wait until it will be fully loaded (do not switch to other tabs while the game is loading) and right on the screen the gift will appear. 

The chest appears on the shore. If you do not open it manually, it will be opened automatically. 

Look! Here is the gift!

Please note that every gift has its own "best before" time. In the post, you will see the time how long you can get this gift. Basically, it is 24 hours.

At the moment, getting free gifts in Facebook Gameroom is unavailable. Brave explorers that use Facebook Gameroom for playing are still able to receive gifts in a browser and then continue playing in Gameroom :)

Read how to obtain free gifts on your mobile device here.


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