What is a Special Event?

It is a new adventure!

If the mysterious boat has appeared near the shoreline, you have noticed a small island with a vaguely familiar chests on it and one interesting-looking Cave nearby, then you probably already know what that means. The new Special Event is on:

To the new adventures then!

The Special Event is a one-time unique adventure, so to collect all the rewards you need to complete all the quests until the time expires.

Welcome to the Main Island of the Event! Here’s a map, where the general points of interest are highlighted:

  1. Five Islands - your journey through the Special Event continues here, all completed islands can be revisited. Don’t forget to take your rewards from the Main Island 😉
  2. Karma Machine - exchanges Good Deed Points for Luck Coins and shows your Exchange Bonuses
  3. Factory - a place to create Unblockers
  4. Converter - allows you to exchange the unblockers, but it takes a small fee
  5. Gem Cave - here you can collect Gems. Gem Cave entrance Stone is required to enter this Cave
  6. Storyteller - this character will provide the quests and will introduce you to the storyline. Complete all the quests from this character to receive special rewards
  7. Stamps - you can find Free Stamps in this area. Once collected, the new box with Stamps will appear on this spot 4 hours later

Provision will help you to regain powers during the journey 💪:


There are Daily Tasks that will grant useful resources and even a special bonus to Good Deed Points' exchange rate if you complete all 3 of them:


All completed Islands can be revisited, just search for the boat nearby, for example:


After exploring all 5 Islands you can enter a bonus island:

Here you go, set off on to the adventures! Good Luck! And don't forget to check how much time is left to explore the event.



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