Good Deed Points

The more GDP you collect the higher is your position in the dynamic rating. Every day you have a chance to earn a 10% bonus to your Good Deed Points’ exchange rate (you can find more information on Exchange Bonuses in the article). To do that you need to enter the group of the players who earned maximum Good Deed Points – and stay there till the end of the in-game day.


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The key to this system is in its dynamic - the borders of groups are changing throughout the day and depend on the results of the most active and least active players:

The results renew every hour and are being counted at the end of the in-game day (at 21:00 (UTC)).

You can check the timer at the window on your home Island. The amount of the GDP you need to collect to enter the next group at that moment is also shown in this window:

As the system is dynamic and shifts constantly, sometimes it is quite possible that at the very last moments some of the players earned a considerable amount of Good Deed Points and the requirements for the groups changed.

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