Contacts and players' community life

You feel like you want to share your thoughts and find some soulmates? Or you want to stay tuned to all news about changes in the game? Maybe you need any assistance with the game or have any questions?

You know what to do!

On the official page, you can always find the newest information about the updates, events as live broadcasts, obtain free gifts on PC and mobile devices. Moreover, our community managers always do their best to post various fancy, entertaining, amusing content about the game. But 'purposes' of community managers don't end on this - they may answer any of your questions, interact with players, for example by creating interesting discussions about game mechanics or stories of the characters. 

The group is staying separated from official page as on group page, players can share their achievements, discuss latest news and gameplay.

As you know, Help Center was created to share with players information about game mechanics, bases of 'fixing' in-game issues if they are not related to internal ones. If you feel like articles in the Help Center doesn't fit your question/problem, you can always contact our Player Experience Team

There are several ways to do this:

  1. In the game

On mobile devices, on the bottom bar with icons, Settings button can be found (Gear icon). The green button 'Send feedback' will redirect you to the ticket creation form. Every member of Player Experience team will do their best to solve your problem as soon as possible!

On PC, right under the game window, you'll find the words 'Get help'. The ticket creation form will open right into the game.

2. In the Help Center

If you are unable to create a ticket in the game, at the top of this page, there is a button 'Submit a request'. 


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