Karma Machine



What's that cozy hut? It's a Karma Machine! A very important building, during a special event in particular. Why? Because it has a special kind of magic that allows converting your earned Good Deed Point into Luck Coins.

That surely caught your interest, right? Read more about it below.



Here's what Karma Machine looks like inside. This window allows you to check how much Good Deed Points you currently have and how much Luck Coins you'll receive after you make an exchange.


Exchanging your Good Deed Points for Luck Coins is very simple. Just use the "Exchange" button and Karma Machine will do the rest. Don't forget to check and use your Luck Coins in the Luck Coins Shop :)

But that's not all that it has to it. There are two types of bonuses that can be applied before exchanging Good Deed Points. Here you can find the most detailed information about it. When the bonuses are applied, you can see that in the Karma Machine. Quite a useful building, isn't it?


Good Luck! And May the Karma be with you.


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